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About New Hope

ニューホープ名古屋はニューホープ東京から送り出されたキリスト教のプロテスタント系の教会です。母教会はハワイ・オアフ島にあるニューホープ オアフ。この教会はウェイン・コディロ牧師によって開拓された教会で、現在はオアフ島を中心に複数の場所で約2万人が集まっています。


New Hope Nagoya is a Protestant Christian church and sending from New Hope Tokyo. We are affiliated with New Hope O'AHU in Hawaii, a church pioneered by Senior Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, where currently about 20,000 people attend on Oahu within its affiliated churches.

WHO WE ARE 紹介: プロフィール



光田 裕一  Yuichi Kota






Born in Okazaki, Aichi, Japan, Pastor Yuichi Kota traveled the world a little before he started coming to New Hope Tokyo in 2003, where he eventually became a Christian, and started walking a completely different life than before. 

As he learned more about God and served in the church, he had a desire to serve God more with his life, and entered Pacific Rim Bible Institute Japan. After graduation, he did his internship at New Hope Tokyo and became the Youth Pastor. He is involved in many activities with children and teens in the church.


In 2018, Pastor Yuichi moved to Nagoya area to start New Hope Nagoya.
He is blessed with wife Sanae and sons Nico and Uta.

Besides Japanese and English, Pastor Yuichi is also known to speak some Spanish.

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